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Dear Parent,

There are doors that can not be opened by academic excellence only.

This is not to tarnish the positive image attached to being an academician but to open your eyes to other skills that need to be harnessed for all-round success.

Let’s reason together.

That knowledge acquired needs to be expressed before its celebrated; right?

The most powerful communicator can put off the most patient human if he lacks excellent social polish skills, right?

As if all these facts do not exist, most schools concentrated on academics and give little or no attention to important skills. So, you get worried; right?

Here is good news for you.

It is time you stopped getting worried about your child(ren)’s:

👉lack of confidence to speak out or express their opinion in a compelling way.
👉 poor diction
👉 bad attitude in public

You can join other parents who have trusted us @Total Child Club with their wards to harness their skills and completely transform them into a balanced adult.

The Total Child Club is an online club.
▶️ Weekly Subscription is 2000 naira.
▶️ One Masterclass and 3 days task follow-up and activities review.
▶️ Live classes and prerecorded sessions
▶️ Weekly presentation and challenge where the winner gets a subscription-free week.

▶️ Club time and lesson schedule will be forwarded to our TCC WhatsApp community monthly.
▶️ First-time subscribers must make one month payment.

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Why you should make payment now

The courses to be explored weekly are valued @10,000 but you will be getting it @ 2000. That’s a whooping 8000 naira savings.

The club subscription will increase any time soon.

Join us now.

To make payment, please visit this link

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