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Find the solution to spelling, reading and pronunciation difficulties with our free resources and books. Also earn an extra income by becoming a distributor for our books with the information provided below

English Expressions for Vocabulary Development

Phonetics Haven for Children (0 - 5 Years) N1500 Per Volume

50 Spelling Rules that Enhance Learner’s Spelling and Reading Skills N5000

Every child should be groomed to gain proper writing, spelling and reading skills.

Phonetics Haven has been designed to help children in their foundational years between the ages of  0 – 5 years to learn the: 

  1. Identification of letter sounds 
  2. Formation (writing) of letter sounds
  3. Blending of sounds to form words
  4. Mastery of tricky words
  5. Reading

The volumes 0, 1 and 2 align with the national curriculum, and are simple to use for parents and teachers. The books contain brain boosting and sharpening activities. They also have an audiovisual CD each.

A Guide to Alternative Spelling N4000

We discovered that most schools do not go beyond exposing their pupils to basic sounds and spellings. With the complexity of the
English language, it becomes difficult for the pupils to build on that foundation as they are unaware of the alternative sounds and spellings that can help them produce more words.

We have created this guide to bridge this gap and help teachers deliver robust spelling lessons to their pupils.


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