Start to pronounce Like a Pro and improve your life as you achieve your dreams.

A crash course for educators, leaders and professionals who are ready to speak with eloquence and confidence.

  • Is your spoken English a concern to you and/or your bosses?
  • Do people misunderstand what you say when you speak?
  • Does your mother tongue interfere with your spoken English?
Yes? Then read this… There are several reasons adults do not get to pronounce English words right. I once had a friend who was brilliant as an Accountant but could not make three statements without mispronouncing at least five words in English. He grew up in a village and got to study at one of Nigeria’s top five (5) universities at the age of 18. His impressive CV got him an interview with a multinational and that job had the potential to completely change his life. After the interview, my friend called to tell me that he lost the opportunity on the spot because of his poor pronunciation skills. He said he was told to repeat what he said a lot because the interview panel was multicultural – there were two Europeans, a Philipino and two Nigerians – and they just could not make out what he was saying well. The repetitions gave his interviewers a negative impression of him and they asked politely if he had ever thought to polish his speech. He came to me for help and after this intensive course, he became a better English speaker and was confident. He got another job the week after the course.

I also once heard the humorous story of a certain man who travelled out of the country. He got to a store and requested to buy a towel. The store attendant who could not comprehend what he wanted due to his pronunciation said “we don’t have that sir”. On his way out of the store, the man sighted a towel. Furious, he went to pick it up and said to the attendant “this is a towel!” She replied, “a taw.uhl” you meant to say sir?

I observed that there are many individuals who have lost opportunities because they cannot pronounce English words properly. Yours might be that you are always afraid during board meetings because you cannot express yourself properly or you are a teacher whose pronunciation prowess has denied high paying jobs.

You might also be a parent whose child is just learning to speak and you want to lay a solid foundation for them by speaking properly yourself. I have had clients also come to me immediately before important media interviews just to ensure that they put their best foot forward and represent their companies well.

I created this course to help individuals grow personally and career-wise. Intentionally, I coach them with applicable examples as used in our environment. This is the major reason many of my clients prefer to learn from me rather than from non-Nigerian coaches.

Let me help you get over your pronunciation worries.

What you will get: A firm understanding of the pronunciation of English Sounds The ability to pronounce any English word using the dictionary
  1. A neutralised accent
  2. A firm understanding of 500 commonly mispronounced words in Nigeria and their correct pronunciations
  3. A good knowledge of the Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and how they relate to pronunciation
  4. A good knowledge of silent letters, the rules that guide them and how they affect your pronunciation
  5. An opportunity to learn words peculiar to your environment

A lifetime access to the study video

And so much more…

Take this course TODAY if you are a/an:

  • Educator
  • Teacher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Clergy
  • Media personnel
  • Public speaker
  • Customer (front line) executive
  • Person who desires growth and wants invest in their personal development

Meet the Facilitator

My name is Temitope Dahunsi, the Director of Institute at Diction Power Communications. Diction Power was borne out of my desire to ensure that an average African effectively communicates in English Language, with a flawless intonation. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and a Post Graduate Degree in Education. I have also attended several trainings on elocution and phonics. My journey into the elocution profession started in 2013 with the Institute of Certified Communicators, Lead by Charles Nkwocha. My love for the classroom and children propelled me to go further to Chelis Bookazine for certification as a Phonics Expert. I have since attended several trainings on phonics online for personal development. Others say, and I have come to agree, that I am a gifted teacher. I am an author of four (4) books with audio visuals on elocution for children. I have trained over a thousand educators through DPC's Get Trained, Get Employed; School Tours and Whatsapp online Trainings.

Here’s what my previous trainees have to say about this course:
“I came to Mrs Temitope because I wanted to become an eloquent speaker and I felt strongly that I needed a community to be accountable to. I took one of her zoom classes and it was more than I imagined. It was such a rich session and interactive too. It has helped me speak more clearly at my office too and people come to me just to hear me speak. Thanks again and again Mrs Temitope Dahunsi. You are so good at coaching people. I had my class right inside a traffic jam! Yes, because I couldn't afford to miss it! Not for anything”.
Mrs Maureen Iornumbe
“Dear Mrs Temitope, Thank you for the pronunciation course that I took with you. It was very a enlightening and educative class and I must say that it has helped me in my work. I speak confidently to people now too. It was real value for my money”.
Mrs Rabi
“Being a fashion entrepreneur, I had not paid much attention to my use of language. However, when my little children started to grow, I saw that how I spoke affected them a great deal and influenced their relations with other people. I decided to take the pronunciation course with Temitope Dahunsi to help them speak better. I do not regret that decision. Temitope taught me how the English sounds work and how to use my dictionary to pronounce words correctly. This was the first time I understood that the dictionary is not only for the meanings of words. Temitope is a good teacher. Her course has enhanced my interactions with my children and I even help them get better grades in their English school assignments.
Ajibola Oluwafunmilola
Fashion Entrepreneur

Still thinking about it?

You may neglect this course if:
1. You do not care about career progress
2. Personal Development and the benefits that come with it is not important to you
3. You are content with not joining the few that communicate eloquently
4. You don’t desire global opportunities
5. You won’t like to have 2 weeks virtual access to ask any pronunciation related question
you may have.

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